Prestige Kings County Specifications


  • Imposing Entrance designed to complement the classical style of architecture with an 18 m wide entrance road
  • Internal roads are 12m and 9m wide with a 7m and 5.5m carriageway laid with asphalted driveways
  • Landscaped avenue on either side of the road
  • Each plot has a defined access finished in concrete from the approach road


  • LED street lighting
  • Underground conduits for fibre optic provision for data and voice.
  • Underground power lines to distribute power from transformer yards to individual feeder pillars
  • Power to be drawn from the transformer to the feeder pillars with provision up to the plot


  • Irrigation network for common landscape
  • Underground dual water supply system through UPVC pipes to cater for domestic use and treated water for flushing purpose and landscape
  • Plumbing lines terminated within the plots for water supply and sewerage underground sanitary lines connected to an STP
  • OHT and UG sump of suitable capacity with adequate head/pressure


  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Water treatment plant with underground sump tank
  • Organic waste converter


  • Security cabin at main entrance
  • 24/7 security with RFID boom barriers at the main entrance gate
  • CCTV cameras provided at the main entrance and exit, service yards and children’s play area


  • Treated water used for landscape irrigation as well as flushing purposes, provided for all plots
  • Recharge pits for rainwater harvesting


  • Urban garden areas
  • Avenue plantation for internal and public roads with low maintenance plants
  • All landscape lights designed to enhance hardscape and softscape

Prestige Kings County offers plotted development to the buyers. The project has various dimensions of pre-engineered plots, offering 30 * 40, 30 * 50, and 40 * 60. The many plots available here ensure that all buyers will find something that matches their demands. Prestige King County specs reveal that the plots are meticulously planned and set out.

Prestige Kings County Specifications consists of wide roads and energy-efficient street lighting, offering world-class amenities to facilitate active, social, and affiliated living within residential and commercial developments.

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Prestige Kings County is a luxurious residential project located in the heart of Bangalore. The property boasts a variety of amenities and features that make it a charming option for those looking for a modern and comfortable living space. The apartments at Prestige Kings County come in different sizes, ranging from 1 BHK to 3 BHK units. Each apartment is designed with a modern and elegant touch that reflects the style of the property. The apartments feature high-quality vitrified living, dining, and kitchen tiles, while the bedrooms are fitted with laminated wooden flooring. The walls are finished with premium emulsion paint that adds to the property's overall appeal. Prestige Kings County Specifications will be announced soon.

The property boasts a variety of modern amenities, including a well-equipped gymnasium, a swimming pool, a clubhouse, and an indoor games room. There is also a landscaped garden, a children's play area, and a jogging track where residents can enjoy the outdoors. There is a 24-hour security system with CCTV surveillance, intercom facilities, and a power backup system for added security. One of the standout aspects of the property is its location. Prestige Kings County is located in the rapidly developing neighborhood of Bangalore. It is near major schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and entertainment options. The Kempegowda International Airport is also nearby, making it an ideal location for frequent travelers.

Prestige Kings Country is a newly launched premium residential project by Prestige Group in Bangalore, one of the most coveted real estate destinations. The development offers meticulously designed and constructed one, two, and three-bedroom apartment units to cater to the discerning needs of homebuyers. The development is an epitome of sophistication and luxury, designed to exceed even the most fastidious homebuyer's expectations. The Prestige Group's emphasis on high quality is evident in this residential enclave's thoughtful planning and construction, which features the best of everything. The attention to detail is seen in every development aspect, from the entrance lobbies to the apartments. The towers' lobbies are adorned with vitrified tiles and marble or granite cladding on the elevators. The towers boast high-speed elevators with ample capacity.

The project's construction will feature distemper and textured paints, where applicable, with vitrified tiles in the living/dining, kitchen, and bedroom areas, and anti-skid ceramic tiles in the bathrooms. The apartments' balconies will feature ceramic tiles. The kitchens will have provisions for an exhaust fan, chimney, and water dispenser, with granite counters and chrome-plated tap fittings. The bathrooms will have ceramic walls and floors, pedestal washbasins, and provisions for exhaust fans and geysers, with the best-quality bathroom fittings available in the market. The main doors will be made of timber with similar frames, while the internal doors will have laminated shutters with timber frames. The apartments' numerous windows will feature clear glass with UPVC/aluminum frames. The living rooms and bedrooms will have ample power, light outlets, and television and telephone points. Each apartment in the development will have individual electricity meters and ELCB. A well-trained security force will ensure the safety and security of every resident, with CCTV coverage and security cabins at the entry and exit points to ensure complete safety.

Prestige Kings Country is a residential development built to the highest industry standards and specifications, catering to the needs and requirements of every individual. Living in a development of such high quality is sure to be an enriching and joyful experience.

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