Prestige Kings County Price

Plot Type Size in Sq.Ft Price
30 x 50 1500 Sq.Ft 1.15 - 1.25 Cr* Onwards
40 x 60 2400 Sq.Ft 1.7 - 1.85 Cr* Onwards

Plots in Prestige Kings County range in price from approximately Rs. 1.15 crores to Rs. 1.85 crores. The developers will shortly make the precise cost of these plots public. They are offered in different sizes to meet the demands of investors and are situated within a gated community in Rajapura's Electronic City neighbourhood. The project provides 30 x 50 and 40 x 60 plots for the construction of residential homes for buyers and investors.

Residents of Bangalore have multiple investment options available to them, such as plots and residential complexes developed by the Prestige Group. Prestige Kings County provides plots with every amenity to meet their investor's and customers' needs. Investing in and purchasing plots developed in a prime employment hub of South Bangalore, which offers proximity to major parts of the city and provides good returns on investment, is now possible.

The price list of Prestige Kings County is provided for reference purposes. Investors will be provided with a detailed cost sheet, payment plan, and price list. Prestige Group stands out from other developers in the market by offering the best amenities and facilities in a gated community, providing a superior co-living experience. Prestige Kings County is a prime example of their commitment to providing the best property for their valued investors. Owning a plot in this prestigious project is a matter of pride and a great place to settle down.

After considering the information above, Prestige Kings County in Rajapura is reasonably priced and accessible to all market segments. The costs of the 1500 and 2400 sq. ft. plots are reasonable, and the builder always considers the market value of the locality.

Rajapura, located on the Jigani and Bommasandra Main Road near Electronic City and Jigani, is a great place to buy well-built plots and quality homes in the southern part of Bangalore. The cost of real estate projects in Rajapura and its surroundings is very competitive. Before deciding on the right price for their projects, Prestige Group will look into pricing trends in the neighbourhood. The established and well-known developer helps customers purchase a home or plot of land at the greatest possible price in growing locations. Therefore, the new launch price for Prestige Kings County will be reasonable.

Buyers are showing great interest in the Prestige Kings County in Rajapura, thanks to its potential for price appreciation. These gated community plots are at a moderate price and offer modern amenities and features. The developers have successfully maintained reasonable plot pricing, which has supported the neighbourhood's economic growth.

Price of Plots in Prestige Kings County

Price of Plots in Prestige Kings County

Prestige Kings County is a project developed by the prestigious Prestige Group. It offers a variety of plot sizes to meet the needs of individual customers. Potential buyers and investors can easily choose the plot they desire by referring to the pricing list and selecting plots based on their desired size and location. The price of Prestige Kings County differs depending on the size and surroundings of the plot.

Sizes of the plots that are offered in Prestige Kings County :

  • 30 x 50 – 1500 Sq.Ft
  • 40 x 60 – 2400 Sq.Ft

The upcoming plotted development project Prestige Kings County will be available for purchase in 2024. The BDA or BMRDA has approved the project's development, and all the relevant information will be provided at the time of purchase. In this large neighbourhood, buyers and investors can secure the plot sites of their dreams. The chosen plots can be reserved by making a booking. This is a great time to invest in this project because the neighbourhood's real estate values are rising quickly, and you will get a great return on your investment.

Price of Plots in Rajapura :

Price of Plots in Rajapura

Rajapura, a South Bangalore neighbourhood adjacent to Bommasandra Main Road and Attibele, is well-known for its IT companies, industrial hub, and large-scale industries. Due to the location's proximity to all major employment locations, including Electronic City, Bommasandra, Attibele, Anekal, Jigani, and Hosur, the area's real estate value has significantly increased.

Rajapura is a great location to purchase opulent mansions and residential plots. The area's real estate market is very competitive. A price quote for Prestige Kings County will only be provided after a careful examination of pricing and market trends by Prestige Group. Based on availability, investors and buyers can reserve plots at Prestige Kings County.

Residential plots in Rajapura usually cost between Rs. 5,700 and Rs. 8,750 per square foot, yielding an income of Rs. 27,500 from rentals. Depending on the size of the plot, a gated community plotted project with all the amenities can start at around Rs. 50 lakhs*, and for the best locations and amenities facing plots with the largest build-up area, the price can reach up to Rs. 1 crore*.

Price of Plots in Bangalore :

Price of Plots in Bangalore

Plots in Bangalore are an excellent investment because of the substantial increase in land demand and market value. One can choose the price range and location of the property to invest in based on their demands and financial constraints. India's top developers have planned numerous developments in strategic areas in the city. For buyers or investors searching for a long-term home, Bangalore will be the top option.

Choosing a peaceful neighbourhood in Bangalore that grows rapidly in the future to invest in and purchase a plot where one will have to live for the rest of their life. Within your budget, many developers offer ready-to-occupy apartments and plots in prime areas.

Well-gated development project costs in Bangalore range from Rs. 1 crore to Rs. 4 crores for an area of 1200 sq. ft., depending on the location and developer's reputation. Based on the amenities and services offered for a 30 x 40, 1200 sq. ft. plot, the basic price of the constructed plots in Bangalore's outskirts would be between Rs. 35 lakhs and Rs. 55 lakhs.

Payment Plan – The upright Decision by Prestige Group :

Payment Plan The upright Decision by Prestige Group

Prestige Group offers multiple payment options, such as setting up a down payment plan or paying a portion upfront and nothing more until you own the home. Before deciding, the developer gives the client and loan provider in need access to the different payment choices. The options that the bank offers are contingent upon the customer's eligibility.

Prestige Kings County is a well-planned pre-launch gated development project offering the most inexpensive payment plan choice. Prestige Group has offered end users and investors an enticing pricing payment plan to simplify and expedite sales.

Prestige Kings County is a desirable investment opportunity for those looking for a premium plot and a financially convenient path to homeownership because of its clearness and flexible payment options, which cater to the changing needs of modern investors and buyers.

Bangalore Real Estate Price Trend :

Bangalore Real Estate Price Trend

The real estate market in Bangalore is anticipated to grow rapidly in early 2024 due to new developments like Prestige Kings County, many of which are being created in desirable areas by reputable builders and developers. One of the most well-liked cities in the country is Bangalore, which attracts a lot of first-time investors and homeowners.

When purchasing real estate property, whether a residential apartment or plot. It is important to take the location's long-term investment into account. This city is unquestionably the best option. Land prices have never dropped, no matter what, which suggests Bangalore's real estate market has reached its peak worth. Bangalore's rapid expansion has allowed buyers to own the houses of their dreams.

Current trends indicate that most people buy separate pieces of land to develop their dream homes and larger luxury mansions. The IT crowd usually buys showy lots and houses in the suburbs outside the city.

Current Price in Rajapura and Price Trend :

Current Price in Rajapura and Price Trend

Rajapura neighbourhood is expanding rapidly in the vicinity of Bangalore's Electronic City. It has excellent road access to the city's key IT cluster, which includes Koramangala, Attibele, Anekal, Jigani, and Bommasandra. It is one of the most well-liked and rapidly growing websites for sales, and the real estate industry is seeing a rise in its use.

In Rajapura, the price of residential real estate has increased over time. Based on current market trends, the price per square foot will likely reach more than Rs. 5,700. For between Rs. 18,000 and Rs. 25,000, a residential property spanning 1,200 square feet can be rented. If offered for a business space, it doubles the rental income.

The benefits of Rajapura's connection have caused the area's real estate market to see a substantial rise in demand. Rajapura is situated in the centre of the principal highway of the city. It thus has excellent access to the city from all directions.

Most buyers and investors like to buy property close to job hubs, so plots in Rajapura are great for large investments. The real estate price in this neighbourhood is favourable if your main goal is to invest or relocate closer to your place of work and business. One of the city's quieter and more modern industrial neighbourhoods is Rajapura.

Cost Sheet – The Key Document for Decision Making by Customers :

Cost Sheet The Key Document for Decision Making by Customers

The most reliable document for determining a property's cost is its cost sheet, which makes registration and deal closing easier. Prestige Kings County still needs to release the cost sheet, even only in the pre-launch phase. A Cost Sheet will be available for reference, and investors and buyers can use the comprehensive information in the cost sheet to guide their financial decisions.

The below mentioned details are included in the Cost Sheet of Prestige Kings County :

  • Agreement value
  • Additional charges
  • Stamp duty and registration charges
  • Taxes
  • Base price
  • Total Price
  • GST applicable at each stage of payment

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the starting price of plots in Prestige Kings County?

The starting price of an expansive 30*50 plot in Prestige King County is Rs. 1.15 crores, and a 60*40 plot is Rs. 1. 7 crores.

2. Do we need to pay any additional charges for Registration?

Prestige Kings County doesn’t have any hidden or additional charges. The cost sheet contains all the details and price breakdown, including liable charges.

3. What is the average cost of plots in Rajapura?

The average cost of plots in Rajapura ranges between Rs. 5,700 and Rs. 8,750 per square foot.

4. Why are the Prestige Kings County plot prices higher than nearby plots?

For the comfort and security of its investors, this gated community is equipped with many cutting-edge features and services, including security. However, considering the amenities and construction completed on the Prestige Kings County Plots, the price is reasonable.

5. What is the price range of a 60*40 plot in the project?

A spacious 60*40 plot in Prestige Kings County costs between Rs. 1.7 crores and 1.85 crores and has a floor area of 2400 sq. ft.

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